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Our SDSL lines are permanent and a broadband connection to the Internet using modern G. SHDSL technology. These high-speed lines offers you speeds of up to 20 Mbps - no matter whether you want to send or receive data to the Internet.

Fast: Symmetrische Bandbreiten von 2 Mbit/s bis 20 Mbit/s
Scalable: Bezahlen Sie nur für Ihre jeweils optimale Bandbreite
Installation and Router are inclusive
Economically: save up to 70% of the costs compared with traditional leased lines
Beneficial: In contrast to ADSL G. SHDSL offers the same high speed when sending or receiving data


Our SDSL leased lines allow you to use all the IP services and ensure the continuous availability of your business. It is the ideal access solution for businesses with medium to high communication array.

Services included
inklusive Permanent Internet connection via G. SHDSL Leased Line
inklusive Flatrate
inklusive Scalable bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps symmetrical
inklusive Pre-configured router with Ethernet interface
inklusive IP addresses as required
inklusive 24x7 Monitoring
inklusive Reverse DNS
inklusive No Telephone line required
inklusive Optional: ISDN dial backup
inklusive Support via 0800 Calling number
inklusive Native IPv6 routing incl. /48 Subnet