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With our DSL wholesale services for carriers you will get nationwide supplied T-DSL connections and fully DSL connections from all german major DSL carriers on the basis of an L2TP tunnel. You will use your own IP infrastructure as well as your own IP addresses for the termination of your end customer.

The delivery of the PPP sessions from the end customers is in Frankfurt / Main and can be tunneled into any data center by L2TP.

Services included
inklusive Nationwide feeded T-DSL connections
inklusive ADSL/SDSL/VDSL fully connections of all carriers
inklusive Multilink-PPP able
inklusive Delivered into a L2TP tunnel
inklusive 24x7 Business Support

Available Bandwidth
ADSL Downstream: 16.000 kbps - Upstream: 1024 kbps
G.SHDSL Downstream: 2.000 kbit/s - Upstream: 2.000 kbps
Downstream: 4.000 kbps - Upstream: 4.000 kbps
Downstream: 6.000 kbps - Upstream: 6.000 kbps
Downstream: 8.000 kbps - Upstream: 8.000 kbps
Downstream: 10.000 kbps - Upstream: 10.000 kbps
Downstream: 20.000 kbps - Upstream: 20.000 kbpss
VDSL Downstream: 25.000 kbps - Upstream: 5.000 kbps
Downstream: 50.000 kbps - Upstream: 10.000 kbps

Please request an individual quote:
By E-Mail: sales (at)
By Fon: +49 (0)30 214803 - 50