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You looking for reliable IP connectivity to connect your server farm or to expand your Autonomous System? Rely on our expansive IP infrastructure at many European locations. We offer IP Transit both as a stand-alone product or in combination with our other portfolio.

KGT new media operates multiple network interconnects to the backbone of Deutsche Telekom AG (AS3320).

There are Ethernet (10 Mbps), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps), Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) and TenGigabit Ethernet (10000 Mbps) as an interface available. The routing is either statically or dynamically as BGP4 session - depending on the customer needs. We can also assist you in applying for and/or delivery of IP address space (PA / PI) and AS numbers.

Locations/PoPs of KGT new media: On-Net

Services included
inklusive Routing via BGP4-Session or statically
inklusive Ports up to n x 10 Gbps
inklusive IP addresses on request (IPv4/IPv6)
inklusive Accounting methods: 95th Percentile or Flatrate
inklusive Secondary DNS and Reverse-DNS
inklusive 7x24x365 Monitoring
inklusive Support via 0800 number
inklusive High quality Service Level Agreement
Global IP-Transit
inklusive Full IPv4 Routing Table
inklusive Full IPv6 Routing Table
Partial IP-Transit
inklusive AMS-IX / LINX Prefixes: ~90.000
inklusive DE-CIX Prefixes: ~150.000
inklusive DTAG Prefixes (AS3320)
Any combination of the individual products is possible.
Set-up fee
On request
Please request an individual quote:
By E-Mail: sales (at) or by Fon +49 (0)30 214803 - 50
Locations / Point-of-Presence
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