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As a cost effective alternative to a leased line KGT new media offers broadband Internet connections with up to 50 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream based on the optical fiber network of Deutsche Telekom AG.

VDSL connections currently available in more than 50 local networks in Germany. Each VDSL connection includes at least one static IP address and native IPv6 on request There is no need for an existing phone line because the installation is performed with an additional telephone socket. The VDSL connections are connected directly to the KGT new media backbone.

VDSL Highspeed Anschlüsse bis 50 Mbit/s

Services included
inklusive Static IPv4 address
inklusive IPv4 subnet on request
inklusive Native IPv6 routing incl. /48 Subnet
inklusive Reverse DNS Records
inklusive DSL Flatrate
inklusive Optional: ETR within 8 hours
inklusive 24x7 Business support
inklusive Support via 0800 number
inklusive No telephone connection of Deutsche Telekom AG required